• Image of Hurricanes in Paradise

While finishing up my writing on The Will of Wisteria I walked through the heartbreaking loss of my thirteen year marriage. In the middle of that pain I didn't think I'd ever have another fiction story to tell. During my healing journey a friend called and offered me an all expense paid weekend to The Atlantis Resort at the Bahamas. Being a planner believe it or not I actually had to think about it for a minute. I know crazy right! But I went. And that first night there, sitting with three other single women in different stages of life I knew I had my next story. So I spent the rest of the weekend taking extensive notes and formulating the storyline for what would become Hurricanes in Paradise.

Set at The Cove at Atlantis, I wrote of the head of guest relations who has three important guests coming in that she is asked to keep a watch over for a week. Each are going through personal hurricanes as a real one is on its way. As all my books are it delves into the tough waters of our pain and the battles we are willing to fight for our healing. And it was a beautifully healing book for my own heart as well.